Fix: Windows 10 search bar is missing

Open an advanced command prompt.
Important! If you’re signed in to 10, Windows 8.1, or Run Windows, first use the Image Servicing and Deployment Management (DISM) tool in your Inbox before the tool runs System File Checkers.

By comparing and contrasting numerous user reports and tests, consumers can conclude that a black computer problem is often due to an outdated display driver. In general, system files are corrupted, wrong perfection settings and dual video cards are often the cause of Windows 10 black box appearing repeatedly.

After analyzing long user reports and links, we concluded that the problem with individual black boxes is often related to an outdated specific display driver. In addition, your current system files, insufficient brightness two and graphics cards are causing the appearance of 10 black box memory windows.

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Instead of Knowledge Fix-it, Windows uses Troubleshooter 10 to help you troubleshoot your PC. To run the troubleshooter: Select Start > Update > Security Troubleshooter > or Settings select the “Search for Troubleshooters” link at the end of this section.


Summary Many users complain about the black box in Windows 10. Why do black boxes appear on the screen? How it works? If they are also trying to help you understand them, then this MiniTool submission is exactly what someone needs.

Many users have reported fixing bugs in their own Windows 10 screens. Are you also worried about any issues? that you may now have a few pending fixes.

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Does your company see a small black box on your desk that cannot be closed? Have you accidentally zoomed in on the little black box displayed on your desktop and it seems to take up most of your desktop? Then this is your solution guide.

First, launch the command prompt as an administrator by searching for the name in the Start menu, typing the keyword “cmd” or “command prompt”.
Enter the command DISM /Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth and press ENTER.
Now it should be expected that the repair efficiency will be 100%.

A small number of ezah=”90″ Windows users have recently complained about seeing a small black box that gets bigger when we try to do something while we have it. This problem looks messy and straight forward, shortcuts, entire folders disappear and a whole new desktop can be written under them. Here in these details, we have some solutions to help you get rid of that black text box easily.

Black box pinned to Windows desktop

boot from original installation DVD USB stick (or recovery)
click Computer Restore on the main screen.
Select Troubleshoot.
Select “Command Prompt”. will load
At the command prompt, type the following: command bootrec Bootrec /fixmbr /FixBoot bootrec /ScanOs bootrec /RebuildBcd.

To fix this black box mismatch inWindows 11/10, you can implement the following methods:

  1. Stop MSI_VoiceControl_Service
  2. Disable and update graphics drivers
  3. Run hardware troubleshooter
  4. Uninstall the latest updates in detail
  5. < /ol >

    Let’s go through each method individually and see how often we do it.

    1] Stop Or Disable MSI_VoiceControl_Service

    The ezah=”280″ black box appearing on the desktop is a known bug with the VoiceControlService. VoiceControlEngine, exe belongs to the MSI SDK software and is not just an operating system file and is far from mandatory. you

    If you see this in your awesome task manager, you can remove the language service check from the task manager and see if that fixes most of the problems. If not, you have the option to completely disable voice service dominance.

    To exit, open msi_voicecontrol_service, Task Manager, and make sure the Processes tab is selected.

    Find the VoiceControlEngine in the list and right-click it. Then choosee End task.

    Check if this removes the black package on your desktop. Otherwise, your organization should disable the voice control service.

    To do this, click the Start button and search for Services.msc. Open it and normally find MSI_VoiceControl_Service.

    in the list

    Double-click MSI_VoiceControl_Service, then click Stop in the dialog box. Then, in the same dialog box, select the Disabled type and click Apply and then OK.

    Reboot your main computer and check if the African box is gone.

    2] Check For Updates In Conjunction With Graphics Drivers

    The black box appearing on the desktop may be caused by a bug in the drivers that has been visible for some time.

    You can update the main image and look at the drivers if anyone can help remove the black text box.

    3] Run The Troubleshooter

    Your PC may experience a number of hardware errors that cause a black box to appear on your desktop.

    Starting the equipment can help you poiske and troubleshooting. Delete

    4] Latest Updates

    If the error occurred immediately after updating the system, or if you can update any program on your computer, uninstall it. Uninstalling the updates may resolve the issue and keep your computer running smoothly. You can remove Windows update settings and you cannot remove an update associated with a third party program. You have time to uninstall the entire program.

    One of the above methods should help a person remove the black box from the PC.

    Where is the search bar on Windows 10 PCs? As a rule, the search box should be located in the lower corner of the desktop. If a person does not normally see the search bar here, then there is no search bar.

    But don’t worry! Sometimes it’s just because the search barThe icon is hidden on every taskbar. We will help you eliminate confusion between people and solve your problem with research standards.

    How To Make The Flash Field Appear Next To The Number 10 On The Windows Taskbar

    Check monitor and cables. If you have a full flashing first screen, what you need to do is rule out the hardware.
    Set this correct refresh rate.
    Reset driver display.
    Reinstall your video card.
    Remove problematic apps.
    Create a new Windows user profile.

    Here are some tips you can try. You didn’t have to try everything with these people; Just scroll through the list until you find the search box on the path you want.

    1. Make sure to check the box to enable the search box in Cortana settings.
    2. Make sure to disable the thumbnail buttons on the taskbar.
    3. Disable tablet mode.
    4. Definitely show the board on all screens
    5. Create another owner account
    6. Extra tip

    Method 1: Make Sure Your Build Includes A Search Box In Cortana Preferences

    The search club may have been disabled or hidden on the taskbar, so you need to go to the search bar settings to enable it.

    First, press all Windows logo keys and S at the same time to open the search form and see if device search appears Yes. If not, see the steps below.

    1. Right-click any empty area on the taskbar.
    2. Click Cortana > Show Search Box. Make sure the Show search box is checked.
    3. Then check if the search bar is visible on that particular taskbar.

    Method 2: Be Sure To Disable The Little Taskbar Buttons

    One of the common reasons why the search bar is always missing is because it has its own little taskbar buttons enabled. You must ensure that this property is disabled. What you need to do here:

    1. Right-click an empty city on the taskbar, and then just click Settingstaskbar”.
    2. Numberally, the new window is useful. Use the small taskbar when buttons are disabled.
    3. Close this window and make sure the Store panel is visible.

    Still not working? Do not worry. You can try something else.

    Method 3: Disable Tablet Mode

    After analyzing many tips and user reports, we can conclude that the problem with Blue box computers is often due to an outdated display driver. In addition, corrupted system files can also cause brightness settings, and both video cards are responsible for the constant appearance of the windows 10 white box.

    Using this tablet mode on a mobile device will cause a missing area to be found when using the default alternatives. So make sure tablet mode is not normally enabled.

    Press the Windows key and type cmd.
    Right click “Command Prompt”, select “Run as administrator”.
    Type sfc /scannow in a command prompt window and press Enter to perform a full system scan.

    First, launch a command prompt as administrator by searching the start menu for keywords or “cmd” for “command prompt”. ‘
    In the general teamtype DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image AND /restorehealth press ENTER.
    Now you need to wait until the repair process is 100% complete.